It was a wet morning in the Tampa Bay are today so the crowd was down a bit at the Y.  We still had a great turn out in the spin room this morning and got a great workout with awesome new music.  We road an all terrain ride in the Interval Energy Zone today titled "How We Roll" and burned more than 500 calories.  If you were in class today or you're just interested in the playlist, you can now find it right here on Fusion.  Go to the Tune In to Tunes page and click on the Playlist Archive link for today's "How We Roll".

I announced the newly published website to my Spinners this week and hope they'll find it to be a valuable tool.  I am venturing a little out of my comfort zone with this, but catching on quick.  This is actually my second website to design, but first to carry a blog, downloads and links.  I designed my first website on my Mac and it was primarily a portfolio of my arts n' crafts work for a home business I ran for a few years called Urban Sass.  Many who have just met me in the past couple of years may not know I have a love for art and use to create and sell my work.   I've drifted away from the arts n' crafts business now as my focus has completely shifted to fitness.  I still dabble in arts n' crafts from time to time and will make things for people if prompted, but decided to close the business a couple of years ago when the economy crashed.  My products consisted of jewelry, purses, custom floral arrangements and home decor.

Another reason for closing the business was the lack of time I had to keep up with the fit lifestyle I preferred and spend time with my family.  You would still find me at the gym a few times a week, but often my focus was on my work and not my work out.  When you are in the arts n' crafts business, you are constantly dealing with new ideas, shopping for supplies and unfinished projects, not to mention a very large mess.  Needless to say, I was consumed with it 24/7 and decided to give it a rest.

My passion for Spinning and cycling in general has brought me to where I am today and hope I will be able to make Fusion a one stop shop for fitness motivation, support, music, healthy tips and product links.  My head is spinning with ideas and I can't wait to share them with you here on Fusion.

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