After creating my Inspiration Dose today,  titled "Through the Darkness, There is Light", I remembered this piece I wrote a while back for a special event Spin Class I taught with Pink Floyd's album, "Dark Side of the Moon".  I will admit, I am a fan of a lot of Pink Floyd's work, but this album is very special to me.  If I am finding it difficult to relax, meditate, or just calm down, I often will turn to "The Dark Side of the Moon" for inspiration to turn toward the light.  The album is a continuous flow of amazing music, sound effects, and inspiring vocals.  People of all ages have many different opinions about the meaning of this incredible album since the lead singer was, indeed, known as a lunatic, and was usually under the influence of some kind.  I find "Dark Side of the Moon" utterly inspiring and believe there is a message for us to hear.  Read my take on the album and I would love to hear what you think too.

The Beginning:  Speak to Me - Breathe (Breath in the Air)

Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon takes us on a journey through ourselves.  Give yourself the proper mindset to become transfixed in the music.  As the music surrounds you, notice the way the sounds move side to side in your head and the way the amplitude of beats change, slowly, yet deliberately.  Also notice the background sounds stay constant while the foregrounds absolutely simmer with activity.  The experience is both relaxing and exhilarating, casting a sort of trance over you, creating a very therapeutic experience.

BREATHE, breathe in the air of life.  Look around…choose your own ground.  What you make of your life, and this ride, is your choice, this is your ride through life.  Stop and take in the beauty of this adventure we call life and make the most of it.  Smile, open yourself up to feel, cry, see and touch everything you can and experience the best life has to offer.

We all want to run at some point in our lives to escape our pressures, our fears, and our heartaches.  The mood of this album, and its ingenious music, represent the spectrum of our emotions, which we tend to bury at times, leading us to thoughts of giving up.  Totally release, let go, and hear the upbeat message telling us to act as if the whole world is at our fingertips and giving up is NOT an option.

Our lives CAN work in harmony if we keep our pressures in check.  Fight the urge to run, take nothing for granted because even the POWERFUL sun can be darkened in and instant by the moon.

Dark Side of the Moon is about life and it’s challenging waves.  It’s about choice – our choice to keep riding on the glory of the sun.

Reattach yourself to your adolescence and the dreams of your youth.  Open your mind and surround yourself with the music, noticing the symbols used in the album, the heart beat, the sun, the moon, and the tides.  They’re all cyclic, representing life with its constant change, enormous challenges, great beauty and importance.

Reach out and pursue a full life with the “Time” you have on this earth.  Appreciate all the good things in your life and don’t dwell on the bad.  The moon is actually lit up on both sides and depends on the position relative to the sun and earth – so there is LIGHT to find in the darkness, we just have to create the balance.

Everything under the sun is in tune when existence is true and beautiful.  Don’t let the moon eclipse it all out with the waves of pressures that make us blind to that beauty.  Embrace life and let everything under your sun fall in tune …… leaving The Dark Side Of The Moon.

The End:  Eclipse

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