Whew, today has been awesome so far and what a great class this morning.  I am full of energy ready to take on the rest of the day. There was a good turn out and we surely did Rock the Resistance.  After our warm up on a flat road, we maintained resistance and a slower climbing pace throughout the entire ride.  The music was amazing and perfect for our mountainous journey.  For those of you counting calories, we burned approximately 540 calories in class today and that's before we even step out to the parking lot.  Keep in mind that you will continue to burn at a faster rate after such an intense workout and that your body needs fuel to keep that metabolism going.  Serious strength was built today and we most definitely felt that burn.  I am working on a direct link to itunes for my playlists, but for now, I will share it here.  Today we started with (U2) and their amazing "Where the Streets Have No Name" and then "Elevation".  As we started to add resistance and elevate up our first mountain, we kickstarted our heart rates with 1 minute of jumps on a hill to "Start Me Up" (The Rolling Stones).  Our journey up the mountains continued with "Walkin' On the Sun" (Smashmouth), "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (Green Day), "Livin' On a Prayer" (Bon Jovi), "Uprising" (Muse), and "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" (Guns n' Roses).  We rocked the resistance up our final peak to a mash up you won't find on itunes, titled "Final Teen Spirit" which is a great mix of The Final Countdown and Nirvana's Teen Spirit.  Our journey through the mountains went by fast as our cadence (pedal speed) matched the rhythm to each track till we hit the road of recovery for the last 8 minutes with "We Are the Champions" (Queen) and "Don't Follow by (Alice n' Chains).  We worked hard today, maintaining a slower cadence of 60-80 RPM (revolutions per minute), and a heart rate in the Strength Energy Zone between 75 - 85%.  This type of training helps us build stamina, strength and added power, mental discipline with a stronger focus, and seriously strong muscles in our legs and glutes.  I look forward to the opportunity to teach this one again soon.I will be teaching again tomorrow at 10:15 am and we will be working in the Interval Energy Zone in an all terrain ride, titled Heart Beat.  I will fill the room with lots of energy, surrounding the riders with constant drum rhythm, electric beats and driving tempos. Stay tuned for updates and start spreading the word....Fusion is in full swing now.  Check back daily for new and exciting things to come.  Go out and Rock some energy today, folks and keep that body moving.
Debbie Ford
2/24/2011 11:33:29 am

Wish I was thre!!! Sounds like work but lots of fun!!!!!! Luv U


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