Whatever your goals are in fitness and in life, take on the challenge and just OWN IT!

That is exactly what we did in the spin room this morning.  With a very full class and many willing to take on the challenge, we owned the road today on an all terrain journey in the Interval Energy Zone.  I had a request for The Black Eyed Peas so we cranked it up with an awesome high energy R&B / Hip Hop playlist on fast flats, runs, and challenging climbs.  The motivation today was to OWN IT, own the road, own your own mind and own an uplifted spirit.  The sky was the limit with this energy packed playlist which started with our warm up to Own It (The Black Eyed Peas), a standing flat and slight incline to Everything is Wonderful (The Black Eyed Peas), and proceeded with This is My Life (Anna Bergendahi), The Sky's the Limit (Jason Derulo), To The Top (Gentlemen), Pump It (The Black Eyed Peas), Stronger (Kanye West), Cooler Than Me (Mike Posner), The Time (The Black Eyed Peas) and Fighter (Christina Aguilera).  We finished strong and still had time in the class for an awesome, spirit lifting recovery with our eyes closed in a completely dark room to Man In The Mirror (Michael Jackson).  The riders all left with a feeling of accomplishment and self worth and ready for the beautiful weekend we have coming our way here in Tampa Bay.  For my calorie counters today, my heart rate monitor read 530 when we disengaged, so keep up the good work, get your fuel and drink that water.  You earned it and you OWNed IT!

Yesterday, I rode a double in the spin room, taking the opportunity to ride with another instructor and it was fabulous.  I had planned to stay on a flat road to prepare myself for a big ride this weekend, but I just couldn't resist.  She coached us through a profile of long runs and long climbs titled "Running with Wild Horses".  It was an awesome profile and great to be in the back corner and in my own zone for a change.  I loved every minute of it and got a great warm up in before my Thursday class began.

Tomorrow at sun up, I'll be out on the open road for Trek's MS Training Ride in Clearwater and Tarpon Springs.  Here's hoping my legs are still strong for the 40 mile group ride in the great outdoors.  I am feeling confident and ready to OWN the road.

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