I love Friday.  It is my last day of teaching for the week and I get to look forward to the weekend off so I can start preparing my inspiration, ride profiles and music for the next week to come.  It is also family time on Friday nights at the Urban house and lately, we've made it Wii challenge night, full of fun and active games on the Wii.  We really get into the competitive spirit on Friday night and get a fun little workout in too.  

My Friday morning Spin class is also one of my favorite activities to look forward to toward the end of the week.  I have such a great group of riders on Friday and always look forward to my Friday class.  My Friday class is where I got my start as an instructor several years ago and has grown to be a success at the Interbay YMCA.  Today, we felt the beat with constant rhythm and tempo, spiking our heart rates up to 92% in the Interval Energy Zone.  We achieved a high calorie burn of approximately 560 calories as we ventured our way through an all terrain path with runs, short climbs, fast flats and even jumps to work on our core and practice smooth transitions, in and out of the saddle.  The music today was high energy with electric beats, drums and inspirational lyrics.  The playlist included New Year's Day (Scooter), Breathe {Dylan Rhymes Acid Mix} (Dylan Rhymes and Jono Fernandex Feat. Sean B), Destination Calabria (Alex Gaudion feat. Crystal Waters), Carpe Diem (DJana mix - a mix I put together on my DJ program), O'Saya Remix (isweat fitness music - The Slumdog Remixes), Jump That Rock (Scooter), Feel Alive (Benassi Bros.), The Flow (Darude), Silence (Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan), Stuck on Replay (Scooter), and the ever so inspiring Jump (Nolita feat. Ross Coppermann).  If you're not a fitness instructor, these tracks probably all look Greek to you, but if you're looking for some new high energy material to add to you workout playlist, give these a listen.  They are sure to get you up and moving with energy and motivation.

It's going to be a beautiful weekend here in the Tampa Bay area and I plan to get some outside time in and hopefully soak up some vitamin D.  This is the perfect time in Florida to get out and get active.  I'm looking forward to some nice walks with the kids and the dog, a sunny ride on my road bike, and may even wash my car.  May not sound like much, but remember, staying fit doesn't always mean you have to hit the gym.  I also have plans to dig in to my website this weekend and hopefully have my new enhancements and links to itunes and fitness sites available by the middle of next week.  So, stay connected to Fusion, stay connected with yourself, mind..body..and spirit and have yourself a wonderful weekend.
2/28/2011 02:10:55 am

Wow! haven't had a chane to look the website over fully but what I have seen thus far is AWESOME! will be back later to check it all out.

2/28/2011 02:57:49 am

Thanks Terri, hope you'll be back for more:)

3/1/2011 10:05:02 am

Hey, Dana, It looks like I am off on Friday again... so, quess where I will be at 10:15 am in the morning?

Can't wait!

3/1/2011 10:30:56 am

AWESOME! Nell and Steph have requested some Black Eyed Peas and more R & B so planning a fun ride on Friday in the Interval Energy Zone titled "Own It" and Own It we shall :)

3/11/2011 01:21:58 pm

Well I'm speechless cause I do know nothing better than awesome.


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