This has been an exciting, yet exhausting week so far.  With daily changes and adjustments to keep up with on the new website and several classes to design for the week, I have been a very busy girl.

I finally posted a playlist and ride profile on the "Tune in to Tunes" page and plan to post more before the nights end.  You will also find great links to new album releases, the music from the Grammy's this year and some of my personal faves.  I will continue to update this page on a regular basis.  Definitely check in this weekend for Thursday's ride playlist title "How We Roll" with lots of new tracks you won't want to miss.

My hard work officially started on Saturday when I took on the challenge of a group ride on the open road.  I have always been a biker, but always preferred a mountain bike and loved to ride off road.  Last year, my husband surprised me with my first road bike.  I have taken it out from time to time, but have to admit, I was terrified of traffic and thought I was way too inexperienced to ride with a group.  Well, something came over me and after turning down many invites to ride with different groups, I finally decided it was time to kick it up a notch and take on the challenge....and so I did.  I signed up for the MS Training ride with Trek and went out of Clearwater on Saturday for what was suppose to be a 40 mile ride.  We got a little turned around on the course somewhere in Pasco county which tacked on another 5 miles or so.  A challenge, yes, but impossible, absolutely not.  I loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it again.  I found that by taking on the new challenge of riding with a group, I have met new, exciting people, will now be informed of cool and interesting ride opportunities which will only enhance my riding skills and my experience as a road biker.  I do still love to ride off road, but will be able to use the road biking experience for coaching and visualization in the spin room.  I have found a new passion....just add it to the list!

We've have worked hard this week in the spin room with an Interval Energy Zone ride titled "Push & Pull" on Monday consisting of jumps, runs, short climbs and fast flats burning more than 530 calories.

Tuesday, we worked out our frustrations on the resistance in the Strength Energy Zone.  We got our "Retro Groove" on with sounds from the 80's and great mixes from Depeche Mode and a few a made myself.  We were able to maintain a steady heart rate between 75 - 85%, but that became a bigger challenge toward the end as we pushed it up that last big climb.  It was a challenge indeed.

We will kick it up a notch in "How We Roll" tomorrow with an all terrain, high energy challenge in the Interval Energy Zone.  If you're riding tomorrow, get your rest, eat your breakfast, and get ready for a great challenge and a lot of fun, for it's time we kick it up!

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