Well, here I am with my very first blog post.  I have been on this fitness path for a while now and I'm ready to spread my wings and take flight.  I am creating this site to encourage you and expand my own horizons a bit.  I have been a Certified Spinning Instructor for over 3 years now and still maintain a heavy passion for the world of Spinning.  If you're not familiar with Spinning, it is a group exercise class of indoor cycling for a mind and body experience.  It is also one of the safest and easiest ways to burn calories and strengthen your heart quickly.  In a typical Spin Class, you will hear music, discussion of Heart Rate, and visualization to mimic a ride on the outside road, burning anywhere between 400 - 800 calories in one session.  Through my experience and passion for Spinning, I have become more aware of my senses, my musical taste, my heart rate, and my overall well being.  If you haven't tried a spin class, I encourage you to give a whirl, it will blow your mind, as many become hooked after just a few classes.

I've been a member of a gym since I can remember and fitness has always been a part of my life.  Spinning and becoming an instructor has allowed me to expand on my interest and now share it with you.  I plan to use this blog and this website to give you words of motivation and inspiration and hopefully pick you up and get you moving so that you may become Fit for Life.  I will plan to share playlist, ride profiles, information about my rides in the spin room for the locals, and new interest I want to share about happenings in the fitness world.

My class today was filled with energy, featuring my 80/80/80 profile and playlist with over 40 tracks from the wonderful music era we call the 80's.  In this super challenge, we maintained a heart rate between 80-89% and a cadence or pedal speed between 80-89 rpm.  I mixed the music with small portions of each 80's track to allow the rider to stay focused, sustain a steady pace and maintain control of the heart rate.  The biggest challenge is near the end as the music starts to switch more rapidly.  This ride takes a lot of discipline and control, but if the 80's are fully accomplished throughout the full 40 minutes, it's a huge calorie burner at approximately 650 calories with a nice 5 minute cool down and breathing exercises to finish it off.  The riders did great and are now ready to finish their long week with lots of energy.

If you have any questions about Spinning, my classes, or other information you may find on my site, please send me your comments
2/21/2011 03:07:35 am

Awesome site babe. Looks very, very good!! I look forward to seeing more. :-)


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