"There are people who make things happen, there are people who
watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what
happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes
things happen."
- Jim Lovell

Are you trying to reach your desired goal(s)?  Are you waiting to be empowered?  Why wait?  Empower yourself today!

Only you are responsible for carrying out discretionary actions to achieve your goal(s).  To empower yourself simply means you are giving yourself the opportunity and the responsibility to go for it.   If you're mind is set, you can literally transform your life by changing the way you think and feel about yourself.  When your thinking changes, you have more control over your actions, and in the process, become a better being - accomplishing more than you ever imagined.

We as humans have extraordinary potential; potential that is often left untapped.  As we thrive in our daily lives to just survive, we often fail to tap into our true strength an power.  When we become empowered, we begin to tap into hidden talents, more creativity, a happier mindset, and ultimately more fulfilled and satisfied lives.

What does one do to obtain empowerment?  We must first believe there is potential - then set out to actually SEE it!  Seeing is believing, but believing is achieving!  You may not see the air you breathe, but you know it's there, so what do you do - you breathe.  You may not 'see' success either, but that doesn't mean it is not at your reach.  The possibilities in life are limitless and there is enough success for all of us - so why limit yourself?  As long as you believe in what you are doing, you are right!

Maybe we should just start believing what we see, because whatever we choose to believe, that is what we will see.  When we choose to believe, even for just a moment, we start to feel an overwhelming sense of self-empowerment, changing our approach to daily life and pushing us closer to pursuing our beliefs, desires and long-term goals.

Our mind's eye often forgets what we actually 'feel' because our minds are often ruled by the moment; and what we see, hear, smell and say in that moment.  Instincts? - maybe, but our heart is our sixth sense and the most important one as well.  Normal people may avoid or become indifferent to their deepest potential because they simply can not see it, but the empowered will see beyond, as they rely heavily on the 'sixth sense'.

Act on your heart!  Believe it!  Feel It!  See beyond!  And become what you see.  You're in the driver's seat and your time is now!  Ask yourself this...What do you want to achieve?  Really Listen until you hear the reply from deep within.  What is stopping you from getting it?  Doubt? Willpower? Confidence?  Close your eyes and internally visualize yourself achieving this goal - remember, the possibilities are limitless.  See, hear, feel, and taste what it would be like to achieve this goal.  Don't bite off more than you can chew, but do take that bite and start to see yourself moving forward with your goal.  Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.  If it was completely comfortable, you would never change.  As you invest your energy and time into your goal, you will find that it will quickly start to change your general outlook, sense of self, your schedule, and even your relationships with others - many you may consider very close friends.

Last, but certainly not least, expect your goal to change along the way.  As you go after your goal, it will change as well.  This is natural and only means you are continuing to move forward with your new creative mind.  There is a system of life that consist of many parts.  Naturally, as you start to actively change one part of the system, the others with start to change as well.  This will eventually cause you to re-evaluate your goal.  If you stay calm and just persevere as these changes start to unfold, you will eventually reach your goal.  Seeing is believing and believing is achieving!  Set your goal; Set your Mind; And Just Go For It!  What are you waiting for?  Your new life awaits!

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