WHY DO I RIDE? (Careful, this may be deep) This digs deep into the lyrics, song titles and meaning behind the playlist I recently created for a class at Urban BODY Fusion.   Why do you Ride? 

ADRENALINE: Isn’t Life Such a Thrill

"BECAUSE…. In Life, we all face obstacles both big and small, but it can seem impossible to master them all. We strive for “Some Happy Nights”, but our “Demons” come out and challenge us to these fights. We are faced with a challenge from within. “Survival” mode activates and we let the fight begin. It may seem we are chasing “A Light That Never Comes”, as these days fly by and bring us “Closer To The Edge”. We “Hold On” and brace the constant “Chop and Change”, for this “Summertime Sadness” just adds power to the already digging dredge. Life is but a “Beautiful War” and if we “Slow It Down” enough to notice, we’re merely rising like “The Phoenix” through each day full of all kinds of critics. We awaken each day, ready and armed for our fight searching for something from within.... maybe it's the Light. We are Alive, and I say, It’s “Time To Get Ill”, after all, Isn’t Life Such a Thrill." – Dana Urban

Time To Get Ill Beastie Boys
Escape 30 Seconds To Mars
Beautiful War Kings Of Leon
Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey 
Demons Imagine Dragons
Some Happy Nights (Fun. vs. C2C) Mighty Mike
Closer To The Edge 30 Seconds To Mars
Hold On Alabama Shakes
Chop And Change (Soundtrack Version) The Black Keys
My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) Fall Out Boy
Survival Muse
Adrenaline Shinedown
The Phoenix Fall Out Boy
Slow It Down Goo Goo 

We Ride to "ESCAPE", we ride to feel ALIVE, we ride so that we may continue to THRIVE!  We Ride to Listen and we Ride to Feel, but sometimes we ride with hopes that our minds will just be still!
Commit: to bind or obligate, as by pledge or assurance; pledge: to commit oneself to a promise; to be committed to a course of action

Omit:  to forbear or fail to do; disregard

"Commitment unlocks doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the 'right stuff' to turn our dreams into reality." - James Womack

To Omit or to Commit, that is the question.  When we have a dream we would like to pursue or a goal we would like to achieve, it requires a decision to omit or to commit.  If we view our goals as a commitment, we must make the decision to succeed.  This requires a strong desire, determination and focus on our path to achieve success.  We can only achieve greatness when we fully commit, release our fears, stop making excuses and persevere.  If we are willing to make the commitment, we must be willing to put forth the effort.  Careful though, this may require work.  Are you willing to Commit?

"Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort." - Theodore Roosevelt  

Do you have a goal or dream you wish to pursue?  Do you wish to exercise more, lose weight, or just become healthier overall?  I'm sure you are aware that this will require hard work and most importantly, commitment.  What is the difference between you and the person who is already achieving their fitness goals?  The answer is not more time on their hands or even their genetics.  The answer is pure commitment and focused, consistent, effort.  

If you are already trying to lose weight or achieve a fitness goal and not seeing the results you would prefer, evaluate your effort.  Are you working  hard to be consistent and really giving it your all or are you just going through the motions, hoping results will magically appear one day?  Are you procrastinating with the idea that you don't necessarily need to do it now?  Maybe you're inconsistent and work hard one day but continue to make excuses along the way which means you are omitting your desired goal.  Sometimes, we tell ourselves we are working as hard as we can when in fact, we are hardly working at all.  Going through the motions and never seeing results is a waste of time and will ultimately hurt one person - YOU.  

When a commitment has been made, we must change our minds and remain focused on our goals.  Excuses are not an option if we ever want to see results!  Know what you want and understand why you want it.  Dedicate every breath in your body to achieving your goal and make up your mind that you will succeed.  Bind yourself to the course or action required for your goal and start to take action.  Desire alone is just not enough, we must follow up with action, release our fears of failure, and move forward with our goal.  When this decision has been made, our minds will change and a habit will develop, creating a spirit and drive that will ultimately lead us to success.  The choice to succeed is just that, a choice!  Decide, Commit, Achieve!  Exhaust the following steps for a healthier you in mind, body and spirit:

Steps to Success

Make a Decision and Set Your Goal
View Your Goal as a Commitment
Release All Fear of Failure
Develop a Strong Desire in Your Mind
Broadcast Your Goal and Be Held Accountable
Do Not Allow Distractions to Get in the Way
Embrace the Obstacles and Overcome Them
Learn From Past Mistakes and Move On
Refuse to Omit Your Decision to Succeed
Proceed With Your Greatest Effort

If you are struggling with what it takes to be successful in achieving your goals with your health and fitness or with other dreams you may have for your life, these are just a few guidelines to help motivate you and keep you on your path.  It is important that you make the choice that is right for you and hold yourself accountable. So, to answer the question to omit or to commit, the answer for success, regardless of how hard the work and how tough the obstacles are along the way, is aways - Commit, Commit, Commit!!


"There are people who make things happen, there are people who
watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what
happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes
things happen."
- Jim Lovell

Are you trying to reach your desired goal(s)?  Are you waiting to be empowered?  Why wait?  Empower yourself today!

Only you are responsible for carrying out discretionary actions to achieve your goal(s).  To empower yourself simply means you are giving yourself the opportunity and the responsibility to go for it.   If you're mind is set, you can literally transform your life by changing the way you think and feel about yourself.  When your thinking changes, you have more control over your actions, and in the process, become a better being - accomplishing more than you ever imagined.

We as humans have extraordinary potential; potential that is often left untapped.  As we thrive in our daily lives to just survive, we often fail to tap into our true strength an power.  When we become empowered, we begin to tap into hidden talents, more creativity, a happier mindset, and ultimately more fulfilled and satisfied lives.

What does one do to obtain empowerment?  We must first believe there is potential - then set out to actually SEE it!  Seeing is believing, but believing is achieving!  You may not see the air you breathe, but you know it's there, so what do you do - you breathe.  You may not 'see' success either, but that doesn't mean it is not at your reach.  The possibilities in life are limitless and there is enough success for all of us - so why limit yourself?  As long as you believe in what you are doing, you are right!

Maybe we should just start believing what we see, because whatever we choose to believe, that is what we will see.  When we choose to believe, even for just a moment, we start to feel an overwhelming sense of self-empowerment, changing our approach to daily life and pushing us closer to pursuing our beliefs, desires and long-term goals.

Our mind's eye often forgets what we actually 'feel' because our minds are often ruled by the moment; and what we see, hear, smell and say in that moment.  Instincts? - maybe, but our heart is our sixth sense and the most important one as well.  Normal people may avoid or become indifferent to their deepest potential because they simply can not see it, but the empowered will see beyond, as they rely heavily on the 'sixth sense'.

Act on your heart!  Believe it!  Feel It!  See beyond!  And become what you see.  You're in the driver's seat and your time is now!  Ask yourself this...What do you want to achieve?  Really Listen until you hear the reply from deep within.  What is stopping you from getting it?  Doubt? Willpower? Confidence?  Close your eyes and internally visualize yourself achieving this goal - remember, the possibilities are limitless.  See, hear, feel, and taste what it would be like to achieve this goal.  Don't bite off more than you can chew, but do take that bite and start to see yourself moving forward with your goal.  Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.  If it was completely comfortable, you would never change.  As you invest your energy and time into your goal, you will find that it will quickly start to change your general outlook, sense of self, your schedule, and even your relationships with others - many you may consider very close friends.

Last, but certainly not least, expect your goal to change along the way.  As you go after your goal, it will change as well.  This is natural and only means you are continuing to move forward with your new creative mind.  There is a system of life that consist of many parts.  Naturally, as you start to actively change one part of the system, the others with start to change as well.  This will eventually cause you to re-evaluate your goal.  If you stay calm and just persevere as these changes start to unfold, you will eventually reach your goal.  Seeing is believing and believing is achieving!  Set your goal; Set your Mind; And Just Go For It!  What are you waiting for?  Your new life awaits!

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