The loss of a loved one, young or old, is still a great loss.  We all deal with loss in our own individual ways.  Some cry, some laugh, and some may even get angry, but we all must find a way to deal and a way to help us heal.

New posts, material and motivation have been delayed on Fusion this week, due to a great loss in my family.  Whether young or old, expected or not, I am still finding it hard to deal with the pain that comes with missing such a great influence in my life.  I have spent several days with family members crying, laughing and reminiscing.  We are all coping with the loss individually, but together as a family as well.

I have come to realize now, as the dust is starting to settle, that this great loss has not only brought our family closer together, but has awakened my spirit.  My Grandfather of 81 years old lived a long and prosperous life.  He was kind, caring and loved by many.  He has left a legacy behind that is our family and we will strive to make him proud.

I believe a loss of a loved one brings about a lot of pain, but can also be a great gain.  There is an opportunity to awaken the spirit within you to be a better person, to thrive.  We are prompted with loss to express our gratitude for the privilege of knowing such a great human being, acknowledging many traits he may have left behind in us.  Celebrating their life also gives us the chance to spend time with many loved ones and share our laughs, pains and promises.  I am truly thankful for my Grandfather and find his life and his death a true blessing to our family.  

If you are experiencing loss, take a moment from the grief and the pain to acknowledge the beauty.  Yes, we must grieve, as it is a necessary process in life, but we must also be thankful for the gift we were given with their life.

I will miss my Grandaddy more than words will ever express, but I know in my heart that it was his time and that we will meet again. His legend will live on in our family, and we will continue to grow in strength and spirit for knowing such an awesome man.  Rest in Peace Grandaddy and may your spirit live strong within me.

Amazing Grace - Jeff Beck


To Big Daddy From Strawface

July 29, 1929 - April 21, 2011

I remember your smile, and the look on your handsome face; 
The strength in your hug, and the warmth from your embrace;

Your wise cracks so keen, and your legs so lean;
A head full of hair, so full and white, it seemed to sparkle even more in the light;

The sound of your loud voice, so big and strong;
Your nighttime prayers so very, very long;

A caring and kind heart you did have, which has made our loss so very sad;
You loved your family with all your heart, and that love can never be torn apart;

That twinkle in your eye was like a star in the sky, 
and now you will share it with the by and by;

You always gave all you could give, and worked to teach us a respectful way to live;

We are truly grateful for your life, and so is your lovely wife;
With respect and love, you were always true, and without you, she will always be a little blue, but we will love and cherish her through and through;

This is not goodbye, as I believe we will meet again;
You're walking with God now and that will never end;

Your life and your death will make me a better person as I try to live with dignity and grace - and I can't wait to once again, see that smile on your face.  
I love you Grandaddy!

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in RISING UP every time we fail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

PERSEVERANCE:  to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose inspite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.

I started this post a couple days ago with the idea to write about perseverance, thoughts of failure and never giving up.  I often touch on this subject in my Spin® classes and even have rides directly themed around the topic that include inspiration from songs like "Uprising", "Awake and Alive", "Kings & Queens", "Man in the Mirror", etc.  When I coach my riders in such a ride, I tend to use phrases such as "Tap into Your Power", "Rise Up", "Don't Back Down", "You Can Make it to the Top", and "Never Surrender".  Today, I found this amazing video on YouTube and immediately was inspired to share.  I have seen this a time or two in the past, but not in a long time.  I will now remind myself to watch this video every time I feel the urge to give up.  I encourage you to take the five minutes and nineteen seconds out of your day to give this a view.  This video, and the inspiration behind it, could instantly change your mindset.  We are all truly blessed with certain abilities, individual talents, and the initial will to fight.  Use your talents, your abilities, and your will to fight and just PERSEVERE.

Throughout the many journeys in our lives, we often come to a point where we feel like giving up. We may give up before we've really even begun, or just before we're about to make a huge break-through.  We always have a choice to at least "try" to succeed and if we are alive, anything is possible, as long as we're willing to put forth a little extra effort.  We are bound to make mistakes along the way.  The lessons we learn from these mistakes and our experiences is what makes us stronger, getting us closer to our dream.

Discovering your strength is the key to perseverance.  You are stronger than you think, and a couple of setbacks along the way are not enough to stop you from achieving your goals.  Unlock the door to your dreams and set out to make it happen.  Prove yourself to the world, but mostly to yourself.  You CAN and WILL achieve.  The only failure is in giving up without a fight.

Believe in yourself when nobody else will.  Don't sell yourself short.  People will come along in your life that either build you up or bring you down.  Spend more time with the ones that tend to build you up.  Life is too short for downers.  When you're told what you want to achieve is not possible, PERSEVERE, and keep moving forward.  Don't let anyone destroy your dreams of achievement. Surround yourself with family and friends that will support you on your journey and support them
on their journey as well.

Perseverance is a day by day decision, but it is still a choice.  It is our choice, in fact, and we all deserve success.  Maintaining this mind set can be a challenge, but no one ever said it would be easy. Take notice and nurture your small successes along the way.  Realizing the small differences you've already made will help rebuild your confidence so you can continue to move forward.  Remember that success is a journey and not a destination.  If you maintain an attitude of 'Fight till the Finish', then 'Fight till the Finish' you will.

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