I love Friday.  It is my last day of teaching for the week and I get to look forward to the weekend off so I can start preparing my inspiration, ride profiles and music for the next week to come.  It is also family time on Friday nights at the Urban house and lately, we've made it Wii challenge night, full of fun and active games on the Wii.  We really get into the competitive spirit on Friday night and get a fun little workout in too.  

My Friday morning Spin class is also one of my favorite activities to look forward to toward the end of the week.  I have such a great group of riders on Friday and always look forward to my Friday class.  My Friday class is where I got my start as an instructor several years ago and has grown to be a success at the Interbay YMCA.  Today, we felt the beat with constant rhythm and tempo, spiking our heart rates up to 92% in the Interval Energy Zone.  We achieved a high calorie burn of approximately 560 calories as we ventured our way through an all terrain path with runs, short climbs, fast flats and even jumps to work on our core and practice smooth transitions, in and out of the saddle.  The music today was high energy with electric beats, drums and inspirational lyrics.  The playlist included New Year's Day (Scooter), Breathe {Dylan Rhymes Acid Mix} (Dylan Rhymes and Jono Fernandex Feat. Sean B), Destination Calabria (Alex Gaudion feat. Crystal Waters), Carpe Diem (DJana mix - a mix I put together on my DJ program), O'Saya Remix (isweat fitness music - The Slumdog Remixes), Jump That Rock (Scooter), Feel Alive (Benassi Bros.), The Flow (Darude), Silence (Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan), Stuck on Replay (Scooter), and the ever so inspiring Jump (Nolita feat. Ross Coppermann).  If you're not a fitness instructor, these tracks probably all look Greek to you, but if you're looking for some new high energy material to add to you workout playlist, give these a listen.  They are sure to get you up and moving with energy and motivation.

It's going to be a beautiful weekend here in the Tampa Bay area and I plan to get some outside time in and hopefully soak up some vitamin D.  This is the perfect time in Florida to get out and get active.  I'm looking forward to some nice walks with the kids and the dog, a sunny ride on my road bike, and may even wash my car.  May not sound like much, but remember, staying fit doesn't always mean you have to hit the gym.  I also have plans to dig in to my website this weekend and hopefully have my new enhancements and links to itunes and fitness sites available by the middle of next week.  So, stay connected to Fusion, stay connected with yourself, mind..body..and spirit and have yourself a wonderful weekend.
Whew, today has been awesome so far and what a great class this morning.  I am full of energy ready to take on the rest of the day. There was a good turn out and we surely did Rock the Resistance.  After our warm up on a flat road, we maintained resistance and a slower climbing pace throughout the entire ride.  The music was amazing and perfect for our mountainous journey.  For those of you counting calories, we burned approximately 540 calories in class today and that's before we even step out to the parking lot.  Keep in mind that you will continue to burn at a faster rate after such an intense workout and that your body needs fuel to keep that metabolism going.  Serious strength was built today and we most definitely felt that burn.  I am working on a direct link to itunes for my playlists, but for now, I will share it here.  Today we started with (U2) and their amazing "Where the Streets Have No Name" and then "Elevation".  As we started to add resistance and elevate up our first mountain, we kickstarted our heart rates with 1 minute of jumps on a hill to "Start Me Up" (The Rolling Stones).  Our journey up the mountains continued with "Walkin' On the Sun" (Smashmouth), "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (Green Day), "Livin' On a Prayer" (Bon Jovi), "Uprising" (Muse), and "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" (Guns n' Roses).  We rocked the resistance up our final peak to a mash up you won't find on itunes, titled "Final Teen Spirit" which is a great mix of The Final Countdown and Nirvana's Teen Spirit.  Our journey through the mountains went by fast as our cadence (pedal speed) matched the rhythm to each track till we hit the road of recovery for the last 8 minutes with "We Are the Champions" (Queen) and "Don't Follow by (Alice n' Chains).  We worked hard today, maintaining a slower cadence of 60-80 RPM (revolutions per minute), and a heart rate in the Strength Energy Zone between 75 - 85%.  This type of training helps us build stamina, strength and added power, mental discipline with a stronger focus, and seriously strong muscles in our legs and glutes.  I look forward to the opportunity to teach this one again soon.I will be teaching again tomorrow at 10:15 am and we will be working in the Interval Energy Zone in an all terrain ride, titled Heart Beat.  I will fill the room with lots of energy, surrounding the riders with constant drum rhythm, electric beats and driving tempos. Stay tuned for updates and start spreading the word....Fusion is in full swing now.  Check back daily for new and exciting things to come.  Go out and Rock some energy today, folks and keep that body moving.
Day 3 and still making many changes to the site, but I am happy to post that it is official now and I am the new owner of the domain name Fusion mind body spirit.  I will soon have a new e-mail address, official playlist that will direct you straight to itunes, exciting new enhancements and links to keep you connected in the world of fitness.If you are spinning with me tomorrow, I have a challenging, yet exciting ride planned for you in the Strength Energy Zone.  Stay strong, rest up and join me tomorrow for mountainous journey of opportunity.  Get ready to climb, for we'll be Aiming High!Check my blog tomorrow for the playlist, ride details and calorie count for Thursday's ride titled "Rock the Resistance".
This is my second day of blogging and my site has been up for about 24 hours.  I found it hard to sleep last night as ideas kept rambling through my mind.  What would you like to see on this site?  I'd love to get some feedback and find out what the interest is out there and what it will take to keep you coming back for more.  

Today, I say, keep it rolling!  I taught a high energy ride in my Spin class this morning titled "Roll Away" with about 30 riders.  We monitored our heart rates in the Interval Energy Zone taking them up to 92% and then slowly bringing them back down, training ourselves to recover quickly.  In the Interval Energy Zone, also known in a Spin class as an all-terrain ride, we emphasize speed, tempo, timing and rhythm.  Today we experienced just that with some rolling hills, a few runs with resistance and sprints.  We succeeded with our Intervals and our recovery times, burning over 550 calories today.  Training in the Interval Energy Zone allows us the mental ability to use our breath, our pedal stroke, and our resistance to assist in a quick recovery from our work efforts, further building our aerobic efficiency and strengthening our heart.  Kudos to my riders today for a great class full of energy and spunk.  The playlist today consisted of Animal (Neon Trees), Crank It Up (Ashley Tidsdale), Grenade (Bruno Mars), Take My Hand (Simple Plan), Born This Way (Lady GaGa), OMG (Usher), Waiting for the End (Linkin Park), Impossible (Amberlin), Closer to the Edge (30 Seconds to Mars), Chop & Change (The Black Keys), Give Me a Meltdown (Rob Thomas), Roll Away Your Stone (Mumford & Sons), and We Used to Wait (The Arcade Fire).  Meet me back on Thursday morning to experience your abilities in the Strength Zone.  Eyes on your path, keep yourself rolling and your wheels constantly turning.....and just breathe!

I've added a new page to the site titled NRG Zones.  Check it out for prudent information regarding the fitness energy zones and use them to set new goals for your fitness needs.  Come back tomorrow for updated info and information on what to expect on Thursday!  Please send me your comments, ideas and/or requests and stay connected!  Until next time......
Well, here I am with my very first blog post.  I have been on this fitness path for a while now and I'm ready to spread my wings and take flight.  I am creating this site to encourage you and expand my own horizons a bit.  I have been a Certified Spinning Instructor for over 3 years now and still maintain a heavy passion for the world of Spinning.  If you're not familiar with Spinning, it is a group exercise class of indoor cycling for a mind and body experience.  It is also one of the safest and easiest ways to burn calories and strengthen your heart quickly.  In a typical Spin Class, you will hear music, discussion of Heart Rate, and visualization to mimic a ride on the outside road, burning anywhere between 400 - 800 calories in one session.  Through my experience and passion for Spinning, I have become more aware of my senses, my musical taste, my heart rate, and my overall well being.  If you haven't tried a spin class, I encourage you to give a whirl, it will blow your mind, as many become hooked after just a few classes.

I've been a member of a gym since I can remember and fitness has always been a part of my life.  Spinning and becoming an instructor has allowed me to expand on my interest and now share it with you.  I plan to use this blog and this website to give you words of motivation and inspiration and hopefully pick you up and get you moving so that you may become Fit for Life.  I will plan to share playlist, ride profiles, information about my rides in the spin room for the locals, and new interest I want to share about happenings in the fitness world.

My class today was filled with energy, featuring my 80/80/80 profile and playlist with over 40 tracks from the wonderful music era we call the 80's.  In this super challenge, we maintained a heart rate between 80-89% and a cadence or pedal speed between 80-89 rpm.  I mixed the music with small portions of each 80's track to allow the rider to stay focused, sustain a steady pace and maintain control of the heart rate.  The biggest challenge is near the end as the music starts to switch more rapidly.  This ride takes a lot of discipline and control, but if the 80's are fully accomplished throughout the full 40 minutes, it's a huge calorie burner at approximately 650 calories with a nice 5 minute cool down and breathing exercises to finish it off.  The riders did great and are now ready to finish their long week with lots of energy.

If you have any questions about Spinning, my classes, or other information you may find on my site, please send me your comments

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