Frustration tends to build in the best of us and sometimes can create a nasty storm a brewing within us.  Staying physically active helps me release that frustration, keeping me focused and connected.  If you're feeling stressed, set your mind at ease, crank up some music and get active.  Take notice of your mood and figure out what type of activity your body needs to release that frustration, whether it be heart pumping beats on a run or weight session, a spin class or a nice ride outdoors, some dancing fun in a Zumba class, or soft relaxing music and a few yoga stretches with focused breathing.  Obviously, my favorite release is in the Spin room.  I find that being surrounded by the music, the group energy and my own personal goals leave me full of good energy that continues to flow through me for the remainder of my day.  I do, however enjoy an outside ride, I like to resistance train with weights and I do quite a bit of yoga.    It is proven that exercise burns away chemicals like cortisol and norepinephrine known to cause stress.  By releasing endorphins and other chemicals like dopamine and serotonin into your system, one of our great rewards from vigorous exercise is the feeling of elation, self confidence and well being.  The key is consistency.  By maintaining a regular routine of stress releasing activity, we are better connected in mind, body and spirit.  We not only look better, be we feel better too.

We've certainly been active in the Spin room this week with, so far, two extremely challenging rides in my classes.  In Monday's ride titled "Spin Me Round", we rode an all terrain road in the Interval Energy Zone, spiking our heart rates with runs, jumps, climbs and sprints.  This ride had it all and worked us hard.  Stay tuned as I will soon post the playlist with links to itunes for downloading.  For my riders tuning into my blog, it was a 500 calorie burner and only primed the legs for more hard work on the roads ahead.

We awoke to a cloudy day in Tampa Bay this morning, and then pouring rain, which was very appropriate for my 9:15 class, "The Storm Climb".  In the Strength Energy Zone, we build resistance and then build some more, prompting us to push harder and harder as if we are elevating up a very steep hill.  This is just what we did this morning, taking all of our frustrations in life out on the resistance and our pedal strokes.  We practiced Strength Endurance drills today with heavy, long climbs, and mostly out of the saddle, training our bodies to endure the resistance and keep marching forward up and over our hill.  After the storm, so to speak, our downhills were full of tension release and adrenaline rushes, giving us an over all feeling of self accomplishment and gained power.  In my opinion, atmosphere is key in a ride like this - the mood needs to be set.  Today, I darkened the room completely with the light of just 3 flameless candles, included sound effects of rolling thunder and pouring rain, and began with a favorite song of mine from (Mumford & Sons) titled "The Cave".  It was the perfect opener for the mind and the body on a flat road, leading us to our biggest challenge, the mountains.  We climbed as if we felt the dark clouds from the storm hovering over us and there was no turning back.  Since I wanted this ride to cry with angst, I mixed a lot of the music myself, combining songs with original tracks mixed with a symphony orchestra version and mostly of the rock nature.  The riders were encouraged to focus on their breath and the many instrumental sounds that were surrounding the room, and try to forget about the burn they felt in their legs, letting the build up and anger in the music lift them to greater heights and power.  I closed the ride on another flat road with our eyes closed and at a much slower pace to (Mumford & Sons) "After the Storm", giving us a wonderful feeling of release and self worth.  The room was almost full of riders this morning, all climbing with intensity and complete focus - a sight to see indeed - it was magical!  For those of you who fought the storm outside this morning to join me for the storm in the spin room, you burned a whopping 570+calories and hopefully, you are still feeling the release and power from your great accomplishments today.  Way to climb Spinnas!  Until next time......

6/25/2012 10:14:33 pm

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